65% of millennials hold their assets in cash

Growing up as part of an extremely hardworking first-generation immigrant family, Maya learned the value of a hard-earned dollar early in life. It became hardwired in her to think about how she can make the most of her money, and she quickly learned that investing and setting up multiple income streams is the best way to set you off on your journey towards financial freedom. Maya has made smart money moves that have set her up for success, and she is motivated to help others do the same.

Maya is passionate about equity and equality, and founded Finch to help…

When I first read Lopa van der Mersch’s LinkedIn bio, I knew I would be writing about an unconventional entrepreneur. With a background in sustainability and climate solutions, Lopa founded Rasa in 2015 intending to provide an ethical coffee alternative. Rasa also came to her at a time in life when things were far from perfect. She likes to call 2015 her personal ‘2020’. A stressful pregnancy and the trauma of leaving behind two cults left her exhausted.

Lopa admits that coffee never really worked for her: it made her anxious and increased her irritability. Her background in Ayurveda (ancient…

Meet Eleanor Haglund — Founder and CEO of Aspire360

Eleanor Haglund is the Founder and CEO of Aspire360, the network for startup CEOs.To date, she’s built a network of serial entrepreneur coaches that have raised more than half a billion dollars, coached CEOs through their pivots, building a sales team, and through their own multi-million dollar fundraising rounds.

Her entrepreneurial journey started when she was selected to be an inaugural member of the Innovation Scholars program at Carnegie Mellon. Before her senior year, she had started her first company, e. e. books. She worked with NYTimes Bestselling Authors and won the McGinnis Competition, the CMU Venture Challenge, and Hack-a…

An Ayurvedic lifestyle essentials brand

Köppen (https://www.koppen.co/) is the leading Ayurvedic lifestyle essentials brand. Founded by first-generation South Asian American siblings Parag and Priya Shah, Koppen is building the world’s first platform for personalized health rooted in Ayurveda, the world’s oldest health and wellness system, and offers digital content and quality products that span across diet, skincare, sleep, and mental health.

Meet Anjali Nair, an immigrant coach who wants to support 10,000 immigrants by 2022.

Anjali Nair is the founder of ‘Desi Girl in US’ — a learning platform and community for immigrants in America. When she is not mentoring immigrant women, you can find her spending time with her husband and pup, gorging on Indian food, and living the Florida life. She also works as a Marketing Planner at a corp firm and volunteers as a mentor to aspiring Marketing enthusiasts and new immigrants at 2 organizations.

Schedule a call with Anjali!

Tell us why and how you started your journey as an immigrant coach and blogger?

I moved to the US for the…

Career Coach, Artist, Writer & More…

I’m Dasani Madipalli (she/her). I’m currently a Program Manager at Microsoft and I’ve previously interned at Google and Khan Academy as a software engineer. I’m also a career coach, artist, blogger and as professional of a day dreamer as someone can be. But if I had to sum it all up in one word I’m a **creative problem solver**! I love building, creating and learning.

At any given time you’ll find me scheming with ideas, bouncing about, trying and learning new things and doodling along the way. …

Regardless of their situation!

Founder and CEO Joss Richard is an Emmy Award winning Producer who was born and raised in Toronto, where she worked as a Television Producer before moving to Los Angeles. At the age of 28, Joss has won a Daytime Emmy Award and worked at Netflix, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Walt Disney Company creating digital content and managing their content strategy.

Joss has pivoted to the entrepreneurial world when she realized there was a gap in women’s access to mentorship and that women struggle with asking to be compensated for their time and knowledge.

The biggest risk I ever took was believing in myself and investing my own money into my idea!

Ivana De Maria was born in San Diego, California, raised in Mexico City and educated in Switzerland. After spending three years at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland she moved to Boston, MA where she completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Finance and Law at Boston University, while spending summers at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York.

Since becoming a Los Angeles resident in August 2014 Ivana has specialized in Storytelling as a whole as a writer, producer, and actress for Film and Television. She has starred in a number of films as well…

✨Overcome your limiting beliefs and take ownership of your life!

2021 is indeed just the beginning for me. The year is setting the foundation for where I hope to take my mission across my life. I know exactly where I am going, I know exactly who I want to become, and I know exactly what impact I want to make on those around me. This year is really the starting point of all that.

Why did you decide to drop out of your Master’s degree and leave a job in the architecture industry to pursue coaching?

Just after graduating with…

Nikita Gupta is the founder of FAANGPath and is currently working as Marketing Manager at LAUDE the Label, a leading fashion e-commerce brand in the USA.

She has 22k+ followers on LinkedIn with more than 2.5 lacs views on recent posts. She got interview calls, and job offers globally from companies like EY Ireland, Deloitte Australia, and Mirum USA while she was in Singapore through LinkedIn and has received 200+ interview calls.

She got the idea for her startup FAANGPath through LinkedIn and has met the VP and partners of big companies such as Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, etc., for a…

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