Meet Dasani Madipalli, Program Manager at Microsoft

Career Coach, Artist, Writer & More…

I’m Dasani Madipalli (she/her). I’m currently a Program Manager at Microsoft and I’ve previously interned at Google and Khan Academy as a software engineer. I’m also a career coach, artist, blogger and as professional of a day dreamer as someone can be. But if I had to sum it all up in one word I’m a **creative problem solver**! I love building, creating and learning.

At any given time you’ll find me scheming with ideas, bouncing about, trying and learning new things and doodling along the way. I also have the sweetest little doggo Ziggy who just brings so much joy into my world and hopefully yours too!

You are a community builder, career coach, have a full-time job and pursue a bunch of passions — how do you do it all?

When it comes to things I spent time that aren’t mandatory in my life (everything apart from work) my mantra is “it has to be fun”. Essentially, I need to be getting more energy from it than I’m putting in. The most time consuming part is actually starting something new — setting up the frameworks and tech in place. After that it isn’t too challenging to do the rest. Something else I’d like to call out is I don’t do everything all the time. Sometimes I don’t blog or do anything on social media for months, sometimes I don’t take coaching calls. It’s all about keeping balance and more importantly making sure it doesn’t feel like a chore.

Talk to us about Dasani Decoded — how did you get started on this initiative?

I used to mentor a lot of my friends in college and help them break into the tech industry. In my senior year, I came to a point where I was getting so many of the same questions, so I decided to start blogging and creating content to share what I had learnt. That eventually resulted in more people asking me for personalized coaching sessions, and I pretty much organically decided to build a coaching program based off of that!

What advice would you have for a young girls and women who wants to pursue a career in STEM?

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  1. Build your community, the internet makes it easy to find women in stem groups and mentors.
  2. Unapologetically claim space. One of the hardest things for me to accept is that if I didn’t claim space in this field no one would give it to me. I really had to unlearn my tendency to look for permission — whether it’s asking questions in class, or sharing your ideas at work -you belong in this space and no one needs to give you permission to speak up.

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