65% of millennials hold their assets in cash

Meet Maya Nijhawan, Co-Founder of Finch — An Investing platform with a BIG vision to close the generational wealth gap.

Growing up as part of an extremely hardworking first-generation immigrant family, Maya learned the value of a hard-earned dollar early in life. It became hardwired in her to think about how she can make the most of her money, and she quickly learned that investing and setting up multiple income streams is the best way to set you off on your journey towards financial freedom. Maya has made smart money moves that have set her up for success, and she is motivated to help others do the same.

Maya is passionate about equity and equality, and founded Finch to help create a more financially inclusive world.

Maya is a Certified Chartered Accountant and personal finance expert. She has over ten years of experience across professional services and corporate strategy.


What is Finch and how does it work?

Finch is an industry-first all-in-one checking and investing platform designed to help millions of Americans put their every dollar to work, develop healthy financial habits, and unlock their financial potential.

Finch enables customers to earn investment returns directly on their checking balance while having instant access to all of their money — even the invested part!

By providing personalized investment recommendations and automatically investing deposits, your entire balance is always working for you, from day one, no matter what your balance is. Finch further pushes the envelope by enabling customers instant access to their money when they need it.

Finch is currently in Public Beta. If you have an iOS device and are interested in helping us evolve Finch, you can join our public beta by downloading the app via the US Apple App Store

Why is Finch targeting millennials?

An overwhelming number of millennials are not putting their money to work. 65% of millennials hold their assets in cash — way more than any other generation. While this sounds alarming, it’s not surprising. With 62% of millennials living paycheck to paycheck and burdened by debt, millennials aren’t investing for one main reason — they need access to their money. By not investing, millennials miss out on wealth creation and enter a vicious cycle that widens the wealth gap. The longer they wait to invest, the further they fall behind. The good news is millennials have time on their side. We want to help them turn things around.

What is the company’s vision and mission?

Our mission is to build the most loved Fintech that is recognized for being the simplest and most responsible place to manage and meaningfully grow your money.

Our vision is to close the generational wealth gap, starting with millennials.

Finch recently secured $1.8M in seed — any fundraising tips for early stage entrepreneurs, particularly WOC and minorities?

Fundraising can be a brutal process. If this is your first time fundraising, it is likely that when all is said and done, most of your pitches will ultimately be met with a “no”. This can be extremely discouraging and all-consuming. My advice is to surround yourself with a support system that uplifts you and understands the process you’re going through. You will need people to talk to!

While Venture Capital is tough to come by — especially for minority founders — this doesn’t mean you should take whatever comes your way. Not all money is equal, and you want to make sure you partner with the right investors for you and your business. Be clear on what your expectations are and get comfortable that they’ll be met before you sign that term sheet. Remember, this is a two way street!

Your proudest achievement so far?

We’ve invested in hiring the best talent and building a strong team. It’s been a wild year — stepping back and seeing how far we’ve progressed as individuals and as a team makes me so proud. My team is simply the best!

The biggest mistake you’ve made so far?

Talking to customers is an essential part of building a great product and company. Customers are smart and they know what they want! The mistake we made was not speaking to our customers from the very beginning!

Early on, we made assumptions about our customers. The problem with this is that we commenced product development without properly understanding the needs of our customer.

Speaking with customers has become a part of our day to day. Not only has this enabled us to gain clarity on the segment we serve, better prioritize our development and stay laser focused, we’ve also built meaningful relationships and advocacy with our customers. Thanks to the work being led by our customer success team, we recently won Zendesk’s Customer Experience Community Choice Awards for 2021!

Your advice to entrepreneurs just starting out?

No one expects you to have all the answers, so don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself! Knowing what you don’t know is more important. The best leaders know how to test and iterate and find the people that can help them find the answers.

Also, when you’re on a mission and moving at lightning speed, it’s easy to overlook how far you’ve actually come. Always remember to celebrate the small victories on the way to achieving big milestones!

The most important skill or trait an entrepreneur should possess?

Resilience. For an entrepreneur, nothing can replace the value of sheer resilience. Entrepreneurship can indeed feel like a rollercoaster ride — loaded with highs but also unexpected bumps, curves, and drops along the way. Whatever the scenario, you will need the ability to recover from or adapt to adversity or changed conditions. For the resilient, entrepreneurship can become the most rewarding and addictive ride you never want to get off!


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