Products By Women Launches a Skills-based Mentorship Program to Re-engage Professionals Who Lost Jobs Due to COVID-19

Products By Women, a diverse global community for women in tech, innovation and beyond, introduces an initiative that promotes skills-based mentorship and inspires professionals to enhance their skill set through a proven mentoring method. This program encourages all professionals at any career level to share their expertise and give back to the community by signing up to become a mentor.

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Jobs were lost, offers were rescinded, and the job market became even more competitive due to the pandemic. According to McKinsey& Company’s Women in the Workplace report, about 2 million women are considering leaving the workforce as an impact of the global pandemic crisis, proving that unfortunately, women have been greatly affected by COVID-19 that has not ceased yet. To address this issue, Naimeesha Murthy, Founder of Products By Women, has evolved the organization to become much more than a community that now offers programs to those seeking mentorship and jobs. Mentorship is said to enhance career development but oftentimes, seeking the right mentor who will commit to helping strengthen your skillset is the most challenging part. Products By Women’s skill-based mentorship program invites professionals from all career levels — early, mid, senior- to devote time towards helping women and their allies develop their skills by teaching, providing feedback, and serving as real-life examples. Those looking to become mentors will need to complete a short application, and once approved, their professional profile will be showcased on the website. Mentees looking to level up their skills can visit the website and sign-up, read about all the mentors, and book time with a professional whose background resonates with them. Since the launch of the program, Products By Women has mentors from Etsy, Deloitte, CNN, and Bank of America, to name a few.

Sign-up here — we are now accepting applications!

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At Products by Women we are on a mission to help women recognize gaps in their skills and connect them to mentors, jobs and training opportunities to accelerate their careers. Today at little over the one-year mark we have 8,000+ members in 70+ countries where professional women and female founders can connect, innovate, and make some deep friendships along the way. So far, Products by Women has partnered with over organization and speakers from Glossier, Forbes, FLIK, Google, Etsy, Bird, Own Trail, Amazon, Capital One, Audible, Squarespace, Columbia University, OXO, Compass and many smaller to medium sized companies and start-ups from all over the world.



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